Autobiography for 2019

Psychologist and zither player whose musical education began with the accordion. He took private lessons to play the concert zither, among others his tutor was the late Bronisław Leszczyński. In the years 1998-2000, he established contact with the European community of zither players participating in professional meetings and congresses in the Czech Republic and Austria. As the only zither player in Europe during the concert he uses three zithers – concert, chord and Hungarian zither, often combining their sounds in real time without using pre-recorded background. Winner of the Czesław Niemen prize of the 9th Polish Radio Festival “New Tradition” in 2005. Spectrum of stylistic and performance interests of the artist is wide, from Polish traditional music through film themes, own compositions to classics. He plays mainly historical instruments produced in German manufactories in the 1920s, i.e. when zithers were most popular in Europe.