Grzegorz  Tomaszewski (1961)  various forms of the  zithers

The artist plays over 20 years on polish folk music stage.  He is specially interested in  polish traditional music, which is the base for his own arrangements, designed for zithers. Besides,  in his repertoire there are many polish medieval and renaissance musical themes also.

He compose many  tracks on zither that are used in documentary films or in some events.

Grzegorz plays solo and with other musicians like Michał Kulenty ( saxophones), Karol Kruś (guitar), Karol Szymanowski (vibraphone), Małgorzata Ruszniak (cello), Krzysztof Samela (double bass).

What is interesting and unique – during the  solo concerts he usually  uses 4 zithers – two configured together accord zithers , concert  zither  and hungarian zither. On the stage and in the studio he likes to combine sounds of the various forms of the zithers for achieving surprising effects.